Our mission is ambitious and beyond what we can personally fund. Help us save Lydia and accelerate this path for so many other children.

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Founding Donors
Thank you to our founding donors. Please contact us to discuss a founding grant.

$250,000 and above
Brin Foundation
Lennar Foundation
1800+ Googlers
$25,000 and above
Chris and Lorie Lambert
Eric Wu
Charlie Cheever
Jermaine Archie
$10,000 and above
Huajiang Foundation
Mark Slee
Caswell Jin Foundation
Sunil & Ameeta Mehta
Jeff & Ramona Han
Carlos Whitt
Glenn & Lisa Solomon
Howard Avner
Matt Mihic
Elad Gil
Ray Tonsing
Vastala & Danny Tarlow
Ruth & Sam Newman
Allen & Jessica Mok
Wayne & Sonia Chang
Amber Bahl
Sid & Nikka Viswanathan
Paul & Sarah Kreiner

...many others. Thank you!